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How is TegraTite different than ParaSeal?

TegraTite Plus is our standard product with bentonite and an additional polypropylene fabric laminated to HDPE (20-mil virgin-resin). It weighs approximately 1 lb per sf. Our members were the inventors and patent holders for Paraseal, currently a product line within Tremco. We KNOW bentonite waterproofing and we know the competition. TegraTite and ParaSeal look very similar, but under the hood, are very different products. To make TegraTite better/different/cheaper (known marketing principles), we upgraded in multiple areas.
  1. TegraTite only uses 20-mil virgin-resin HDPE. Because the EPA gives virgin-resin HDPE a higher rating than recycled plastic, virgin resins are specified in situations requiring the highest levels of protection (landfill containment). This is why TegraTite uses 20-mil virgin-resin HDPE. In contrast, ParaSeal uses (and tests) a 20-mil recycled resin, but then sells both 15-mil (standard) and 20-mil (upon request) recycled-resin membranes. Contractors and architects need to make sure to compare the specifications (and pricing) with the waterproofing material (ie, the 20-mil HDPE in TegraTite) because the 15-mil ParaSeal may not even meet the architectural specifications.
  2. We use a better adhesive. Our R&D indicated that our new formula is stronger and more flexible. We encourage users to compare TegraTite side-by-side with ParaSeal.
  3. We use Wyoming bentonite. Well, everyone uses Wyoming bentonite (or should be). But then, even at the top, there is better and there is the best. According to bentonite connoisseurs, our supplier has historically mined bentonite with the highest free-swell index available in the world.
  4. TegraSeal is about innovation. Our new product TripleSeal is like no other on the market. TripleSeal is 20-mil virgin-resin HDPE with bentonite laminated to both sides of the membrane (thus TripleSeal). It will have 1.5 lbs of bentonite per sf (more than any other bentonite product available). The big difference with TripleSeal is that it contains multiple layers of protection with a bentonite seal in both directions. Perfect for the most difficult applications including elevator pits, blindside lagging with shotcrete, or even garden roofs.
  5. Weve designed our products with the applicator in mind. We know its hard work. Weve made our standard TegraTite roll 75 lbs and 3.5 wide to make it easier to carry. Its interesting that being only 6 makes such a large difference in the handling. For the same reason, weve made our Granular Bentonite Pack in 30-lb bags with a handle. Not a big change, but just a little something to make their job easier.