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How well do bentonite products in general function with shotcrete-wall structures and more specifically with TegraTite and TripleSeal?

Shotcrete is the most difficult job to waterproof because of its porous nature. One small pinhole in the membrane can lead to catastrophic failure. With other types of waterproofing, even other bentonite membranes, the honeycomb nature will allow the water to migrate. Repair is also more difficult. Shotcrete with a hydrostatic head would require the highest performing waterproofing available--TripleSeal.

TripleSeal has bentonite on both sides of 20-mil virgin-resin HDPE with the most bentonite per sf on a commercially available membrane. Our specification for blindside lagging is 20-mil HDPE or drain board (with HDPE backing) over the lagging boards covered by TripleSeal membrane. This would provide multiple layers of waterproof protection: a bentonite seal on the lagging side (to the HDPE or drain board) and a bentonite seal on the concrete side. Additionally, the seams would have bentonite-to-bentonite contact for enhanced expansion.

The TripleSeal will also provide strong protection in tying in lagging walls to underfloor waterproofing and in sealing around the tiebacks, which can also be problematic and require solid protection. For this purpose, we have just developed a novel TieBack Cover made from TripleSeal. It is foremost effective, while also strong/touch against shotcrete, simple, adjustable to many sizes, easy to apply, inexpensive, without interfering with the ironwork. We have included details for their installation on our website (see detail 0702-41 under blindside waterproofing).