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Is bentonite resistant to chemicals?

Every waterproofing product is resistant to some chemicals and not to others. Bentonite is estimated to be 100 million years old. As such, it is resistant to many conditions and chemicals. Bentonite, once activated by water, becomes resistant to additional chemicals.
  1. Bentonite is resistant to many petroleum-based products (although it will not necessary seal against these chemicals)
  2. Bentonite is resistant many organic solvents (unlike many spray on systems, butyl self-adhered systems, or EPDM membrane systems).
  3. Bentonite is even resistant to radiation, while the polymer-based waterproofing products are not.
  4. The HDPE is also very chemical resistant. It can resist many strong acids and bases, is impermeable to methane and radon gases. HDPE made from virgin-resins have an EPA generated life expediency of greater than 100 years.
  5. Salt water/or brackish water inhibits bentonite expansion