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Green Roofs

Buildings with a green roof, or roof-tops planted with trees, shrubs, or grass, have become an increasingly popular trend in the construction industry, both in Europe and in the States.† Green roofs have many potential environmental and economical benefits, for both public and end users.† These green designs have many driving forces, from earning LEED* credits to managing rainwater run -off to environmental sustainability.† Other benefits include cooling effects of transpiration, sound abatement, extending the life expectancy of the roof, and increasing the green space/ wildlife habitat/ aesthetic environment.

The green roof system can make sense when energy savings from reduced heating and air-conditioning demands are considered.† Tegraseal Products developed a roofing material specifically to address the unique problems that earth covering introduces.† The earth covering makes it vital that a roofing product be chosen that has a projected life that far exceeds the petroleum based polymers currently in use.† Tegraseal Products chose Bentonite waterproofing material because it stands above all others in life expectancy, yet is versatile enough to reseal damage.† We named it TripleSeal because it provides three layers of waterproofing.† It forms a permanent seal between itself and the insulation placed over it and simultaneously forms a waterproof seal to the roof superstructure beneath it.† Our TripleSeal is the only roofing material that absolutely stops the migration of energy stealing water between the roofing and the insulation.† When cold water flows between the insulation and a wall or roof, the result can be mold-nourishing condensation.† Tripleseal stops it in its tracks.†

*The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating Systemô †