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Bentonite clay is volcanic ash that expands when wet, absorbing several times its weight in water.  The property of swelling makes bentonite unique as a sealant for below-grade waterproofing or as a liner for water retention.  The TegraTite membrane combines the swelling properties of bentonite with the strength and protection of HDPE sheets to form a self-sealing waterproofing membrane.  The tough HDPE membrane provides the primary waterproofing envelope while the expandable bentonite clay provides the self-sealing insurance, even under hydrostatic conditions, necessary for a complete waterproofing system.  Because both the bentonite clay and the HDPE membrane are known to be very stable below grade, TegraTite waterproofing is expected to provide long-lasting protection for your building. 

Applications: Backfilled walls/structures, Decks and Tunnels

TegraTite SCR